About Us

We love fermenting. It all started back in 2015, when due to work, we moved for some years to the State of Maine in the US. There, we fell in love with the craft beer world (being the State with the most breweries per capita it was almost impossible not to!). Once we tasted the incredible craft beverages that Maine has to offer: beer, kombucha, gruit, cider, mead, there was no going back. Soon after, we started brewing our own. 

We came back to CR and after a couple of years, we started a Brewpub named in honor to the place that inspired us so much (Dirigo is the motto of the state of Maine). 

We believe that, craft beer, kombucha, wine and other ferments are better experienced when you pair them with good food. As Costa Ricans, we are proud of our heritage, and food is a very important part of it. We want to share with you, food and beverages prepared with high quality ingredientes and lots of love. 

Wheter you are local or foreign, we want you to experience the Pura Vida through the food and beverages we craft at Dirigo Fermentory and Restaurant. 

Glenda & Esteban