Glenda and Caro, creators of La Jaguara

La Jaguara - American Pale Ale

It all started one day during a visit from Carolina Castro from @elviajecerveceria to our brewery, where we came up with the idea of making a beer together.

Of course it was an honor for us since Caro, as we call her, is a talented brewer whom we love and admire very much!

Some days later, Erik and Guido from the JaguarOsa organization @jaguar.osa visited Dirigo, with the proposal to make a collaboration where we would benefit the organization by donating part of the beer sales. Jaguar Osa is a non profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Jaguars and other mammals in the area of Península de Osa in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

We thought it was a great idea, so we shared it with Caro and she loved it ! And so we started to plan this collaboration that is not only amazing for being made by two costarican women brewers but it also benefits this organization with such a good and positive purpose.

We were later joined by artist Troy Quesada @mevupe_troy who donated the label design which is a beautiful work of art!

The beer is called La Jaguara, which means "female Jaguar" and you can find it starting September 2022 at Dirigo Fermentory, (bottle & draft) as well as at Cervecería El Viaje and its distribution channels.